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Montréal, Canada

July 8-16 2023

Brave Space was invited to perform at the prestigious Montréal circus festival, performing 12 shows over 8 days. This was Aloft's first time performing in Montréal.


J-F Savaria

St. Albert & Winnipeg, Canada

June 2023

Rachel and the cast of Brave Space performed as part of two children's festivals in St. Albert and Winnipeg as part of a two week tour.


Dan Torres

hula hoops at
sanctuary cabaret

Aloft Circus Arts

May 2023

Rachel debuted a new hoops act in May to "Power" by TSHA. She debuted two new skills involving hoop balancing.


Nancy Behall

Highland Park High School

April 19 2023

Rachel and the cast of Brave Space performed as part of the Focus on the Arts programming for the students at Highland Park High School.


Brian Gray Photo

silks at
sanctuary cabaret

Aloft Circus Arts

March, April 2023

Rachel debuted a new silks act in March to "Out Getting Ribs" by King Krule. She reprised this act in April.


Michelle Reid Photography

hoops and silks at sanctuary cabaret

Aloft Circus Arts

December 3 2022

Rachel performed two acts, hula hoops and aerial silks, at Aloft Circus Arts' monthly circus show. 


Michelle Reid Photography


Directed by Shayna Swanson of Aloft Circus Arts

August 6-27 2022

"Brave Space is the building of a blanket fort, the act of sneaking under a hoopskirt, an impulsive congregation in the tiniest of tents. Intimate and low tech, this hour-long work of contemporary circus invites the audience to sit nose-to-nose with bold aerialists and acrobats to build the world we want to live in, even for only a few shared moments. An antidote to the daily news cycle, this hypermobile show can pop up in fields, intersections, theaters, and warehouses -- wherever people need beauty, hope, and comfort."


Photography by Dylan Woodley


Sanctuary Cabaret 

Aloft Circus Arts

Sept 23 2022

Original hula hoops act choreographed by Rachel Nesnevich for Sanctuary Cabaret, Aloft Circus Arts' monthly circus show. Hosted by folk-goth band Charming Disaster.



Carnivale Restaurant

Sept 15 2022

Rachel is a resident aerialist for weekly dinner shows with a rotating cast, which featured Chicago singer Cecy Santana and Sambrazillian Chicago.

Michelle Reid Photography


Brave Space Gala

Aloft Circus Arts

July 30 2022

Fundraiser for Brave Space's trip to the Edinburgh Fringe festival at our home studio in Chicago.



Carnivale Restaurant

June 30 2022

Rachel performed as a featured soloist in Carnivale's bi-monthly dinner show, featuring live music, samba dance, singing, aerial bartending and more.  

Sanctuary Cabaret 

Aloft Circus Arts

June 5 2022

Premiered a new aerial silks piece performed to "Digital Lion" by James Blake at Sanctuary Cabaret, hosted by Shayna Swanson.

Brave Space Tour 

Midwest/Eastern US

April 1-10 2022

Brave Space toured through the midwest and eastern United States, performing at The Muse, Anna Maria College, Secret Circus, Cycropia, and more. 

Michelle Reid Photography

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